190: Who did that to Action Man?! Also contains dust.

Beneath the sofa, dust and dog hair
Caught in a house-tide, surges
Round a mislaid dog-toy, catches
The sofa legs in its silt

More dust is drying from
Boot print patterned
Mud trail across the living room
Flaking on the laminate

Wood soot settles
On everything in range
The old DVD player broke
Choked on domestic ash

Gravity settles dust, apples and
Planets. At night we see mutually
Forcibly attracted assemblages
Of constellations

Moon-face pocked with evidence of
Meteorite slams, eaten by
Shadow, bite by bite, the
Flat familiar slice of pale reflection

It doesn’t matter that the
Moon is a bouncing point for
Sunlight. Moon-glow is a specific
Eerie friendly presence

Elvis on the fridge door is
Holding a menu list in place
Magnetically and a lobster has a
Voucher for name-brand beer

Information on the bookshelves
Include the art of the jumping
Kick, identifying seabirds and
Basic woodworking skills

On the shelves in the spare room
Books wait on the next batch of children
On the amply spaced dining room shelves
Oversized hard-backed art-plates

Over the books, Action Man sits
His hands have been inappropriately
Hilariously placed by an unknown
Person or household sprite

Not much of the crockery matches
A combination of clumsy washing
Old arguments, happy mementos,
Gifts and junk shop whimsy

A story hangs from
Every other mug hook, see these
Polka dot hot chocolate mugs
A thoughtful gift, perfect for bonfire nights

Four bowls bought identical
Identifiable now by quirks of
Chipped glaze. Bought cheap
Kept cheerful by constant use 


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