Pros & Cons At The Halfway Glass House

At the end of the sixth month, the year is half done, or half undone. The first phrase invokes either a mild panic- is everything planned achieved? Or a smugness: everything planned is achieved. I do love to tick off a good list: satisfying, yes: but a life with no room for surprise is tourniquet-ed.
Yesterday we came home late from a birthday party and the kitchen was dangerously pebbled with broken glass. The shelf above the Rayburn had lurched from its moorings. It was not planned, nor convenient, but we rose to the clearing challenge. Leaking over the floor was sterilizing fluid, not three gallons of lovingly crafted home brewed wine. Under the striking range of the shelf was one gold teacup, one bowl sized coffee cup and a floor: not any of us. The shelf will be re-pinned, its security re-planned, to be ready for the rest of the undone year.


Geo. said…
Good photos. I sure like your kitchen. When something crashes here it's usually the stock market. Clean-up procedure is strikingly similar.
Suze said…
I like the idea of a year being undone like wrapping on a gift.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Geo, I like our kitchen too: cramped but workable, plenty of character to it. The shelf goes back up today. I'll stay away from the stock market: I know where I am with a stock pan!
That is how I thought of it Suze: in the process of unwrapping, and you have a clue what's inside but the possibility of surprise exists -the shelf on the floor was a definite surprise!

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