Pivotal Poise

Tree fetches stick. Rare sight.

To represent a full cycle of natural rule, there is the Oak King, god of the waxing year, and the Holly King, god of the waning.
If there is a Sun King, he wears a fine cloud cloak for his longest day.
I like these annual pivots, whatever the weather.
In honour of the hours of day and night being at their extreme, therefore, some words:

Everything waxes before it wanes
Wanes before it waxes
It all flows and nothing is static
Acknowledge yourself here
At this point, under this sun
In the spiral of season, of experience
Ask for illuminated change
For a path lit:
Ask for the courage
To walk unlit:
Poised, as the year tilts
Facing fears, embracing love.

Smiling mud bank.


Geo. said…
Wonderful photos, and wonderful words to express stretching points in our elastic universe.
Suze said…
Lisa, this post was an unexpected gift. I'm reading it again.
Suze said…
Ask for the courage to walk unlit.

Thank you so, so much for shining your particular radiance into my world.
Lisa Southard said…
I would write, whatever people said, but what you lovely people say, it gives me a glow. Radiance feeds radiance :-) xx

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