River Swim

Slinking in the shallows of the far riverbank, this trespasser looks up under secret tree roots, sees there: white as porcelain, wide as dinner plates: flat fungus growing in neat stacks.
Over the water, a vortex of midges.
In the water, light gleams greenish clear or blurred in mud.
Rocks, deviously slippery as we cross on foot, soothe to softness when we tread deeper to swim.
Tiny fish hide: amazed, afraid fish.
This river world is no safer than any other world.
The water pours, it pulls and spools.
In the soul of the swimmer, a sense of stillness settles.

We laugh, walking home in wet shoes.


Suze said…

Picture of the month. :)
What a fun way to spend the day! I could practically feel the water bubbling through my toes and hear my shoes squishing as I walked.
Lisa Southard said…
It was as brilliant as it looks :-) I'm going to be jumping in this river quite frequently I think!

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