A Stuffed Head

http://www.masksoftheworld.com/Orient/Korea%20Mask%20White%203.htm image found on pinterest which I am LOVING even if my brain does explode...

While the sky is busy with rain and cloud and an unsummery breeze, windows and doors are pulled shut, indoor things are done by people.
I assume Mr is doing work, though he may just be walking up and down stairs and turning his laptop on and off as part of some ritual. As it also involves bacon sandwiches there is no need to interfere.
What I am doing is work though it confuses me by throwing visually pleasing, interesting, provoking and fun into the mix.
And there's bacon: is this recipe correct?
Research progresses through classic patterns of order and chaos, expansion and contraction. From flat stated facts, figures, folk art, the cold glaze of a pot, the captured life of a photograph, knowledge makes connections with imagination, with experience.
One stuffs one's head and allows to ferment.

['The sprouts of modernity?' Into the pot!]


Geo. said…
Intriguing description of indoor intellectual pursuits. The limits of my study of the humanities are informed by their inclusion of bacon. Where it is not included, I do not proceed.
Lisa Southard said…
Your work ethic is faultless, Geo :-)

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