Short Attention Span Stories

I can’t remember what happens on Monday; by Tuesday it has gone. I’m not sure how that happened. Evidence suggests overseeing the migration of cardboard boxes.
A knock on the door is my neighbour, excitedly gesticulating, asking if we are missing a ferret. I think about it. No, we don’t have a ferret. Cat has learnt to use the cat flap, Dog compulsively flushes birds out of crop fields, Rabbit likes to sit in the under space of his hutch and watch the green lawn world. There is not a ferret missing from this scene. Later in the day, as I am waiting in the road while a breakdown flatbed winches a silver car to the curb, my neighbour passes. They took the ferret to the vet, I learn. It’s a baby. I update Mr on the story and he trumps me by suspecting a cuckoo, having found a fledgling dead upon the ground under the sparrow nest.
Been working, while estranged from the www. All this house moving malarkey also interrupts my access to concentration. So, a short story is emerging. And, I am revisiting my 1,000 Miracles In One Day: an experiment in poetry. Line by line, verse by verse, slow work over the thesaurus, scratching my head with a biro, drinking espresso too close to midnight. 


YONKS said…
Good luck with the move! I don't envy you :-)
Geo. said…
I must express amazement. My neighbors have asked me for many things, never a ferret. But chiefly I'm amazed by your photo of the moon as heart of a wraith dancing in the dark sky. My compliments!
Lisa Southard said…
Mr took the moon picture, I will pass the compliment along. He claims not to be creative, but has an eye for an image and wilts visibly without a project to work on. Currently he is producing some marvellous shelves from reclaimed wood. This move is dragging on. but once done, will prove a boon I'm sure :-)

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