On The Couch

Not having money is on us like a clamp, uncomfortable, unwelcome. Mr has made a kitchen lampshade from a colander, clever chap. We have remeasured both the sofa and the space it has to be dexterously persuaded into the house; it doesn’t seem workable but the maths say otherwise. The sofa is the only thing we decidedly can’t strap to the car, there must be van hire. The expense of van hire is broachable; a sofa exchange takes time to organize, and, besides, we like the one we’ve got. It represents welcome comfort. It articulates to me, this is exactly how you were: uncertain that you could fit in here; that this house and this life would meld. It further reveals, this is how you can be: a little squeezed for space, a bit scuffed from the journey, but settled, rested, raring for subsequent escapade. 


Goku shrestha said…
does that mean we can adapt whereever? :)
Lisa Southard said…
I certainly hope so Goku! :-)
unikorna said…
I was born..not having money and I'll probably die that way too...but I don't despair much :) and I see that you don't either ...you're already very rich, if you ask me...:)You've been endowed with beautiful and rare abilities.
Teresa Cypher said…
The sofa must make the move, too. :-) I understand.

Is that your dog? Reminds me of my dear old Pokey, gone now for over a year.
Lisa Southard said…
More lovely comments :-) mostly I feel rich, and have met some utterly miserable wealthy people: attitude counts so much! And yes this is a picture of my Dog, who is currently fast asleep after helping me go for a run. Sorry to hear Pokey is not around anymore- such jolly things, dogs.

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