Posting in haste, while the connection is working! Playing catch up is driving me bananas- why are bananas the crazy analogy fruit? 

July 6, 2012
The Rabbit, the Wizard and the Bed Base.
Yesterday’s highlight was beheld on the return visit from collecting a rabbit hutch. This in itself contained the excitement of the hutch being bigger than the space in the car, and having great faith in the strength of string. As I guided my vehicle gently to a roundabout, waiting to cross the road was a man in navy blue wizard robes, long hair wafting wisely in communion with a soft breeze, staff in hand and stout leather sandals on feet.
Today we strapped the bed base to the top of my car with binder twine and reef knots. If an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered, getting the bed base up the spiralled stairwell was definitely an adventure. Especially the part where, in spite of removing some banister rail and carpet, the puzzlesome chunk became firmly wedged. I was underneath it, resembling Atlas. Boy was in a shrinking corner, Mr stood above. By determined employment of eye popping heaves, teeth grinding wiggles, and Mr sliding underneath to saw through a slice of bed base wood strut, we all three shared the elation of standing the bulking object on the landing and light heartedly surveying the trail of it, left in sawdust, plaster, chipped paint and a gouge of windowsill.

July 8, 2012
Frivolous Kicks
In theory, the inability to take internet access for granted should make it a wondrous and precious thing. Maddening, in practice, but one can decide to review one’s temper.
I am liable to be annoyed, living out of boxes and not being sure either where stuff is or, having found it, where stuff should be kept. The deadline for getting out of the old house seems much closer than the end of the list of objects to be moved. There are other complications; a leaking pipe, a burst pipe, a freezer of apples to be pressed, a cat, a rabbit, a camping trip and even the looming shadow of festive preparations, because we make Christmas presents. I have illustrations to finish and bills to pay. Having exchanged cash for a temporary internet connection, I am bound to feel annoyed when it won’t connect. I could have deliberately wasted that money on something more frolicsome.
Two hours of Tae Kwon Do later, balance is effectively restored. I am not solely speaking calming words. I am experiencing the composure. As though a personalized helium balloon is rising in front of me, bearing the slogan Take Frivolous Steps Against Irritation, it is joyfully clear that a deficit of fun must be redressed immediately.


Teresa Cypher said…
Getting it done :-)

You have a wizard?? You have a wizard!! I am green with envy. bananas are the crazy fruit--why is green the envious color?

Perhaps the wizard helped you (unbeknownst, of course) get that enormous thing up the stairs? ;-)

Glad that things are coming along, Lily! :-) Have a good week.
Jeremy Bates said…
You haven't experienced bad internet until you have lived in the Philippines. I am very serious. It is about as reliable as a thief in a jewelry store, as fast as a three-legged horse on downers, and expensive to boot.

I empathize with you, but I know I can't wait to get back to Canada and the U.S. later this week.
Geo. said…
I doubt crazy evolved into bananas by any conventional etymological route. My favorite example is contained in a song by Guy Marks:

"Oh, your red scarf matches your eyes.
You closed your cover before striking.
Father had the shipfitter blues.
Loving you has made me bananas."

Once the melody takes over, one finds the lyric too intensely perfect for analysis.
Lisa Southard said…
Teresa- this is the sort of thing one does see in my town, now and then. He was feasibly a Druid, or other pagan denomination, and any magic that gets lumps of furniture up wiggly stairwells is good magic I think! And for any kind of wizard, green is a colour full of natural goodness :-)
Jeremy- Laughing at your description, feeling your pain!! Seems like such a petty thing, makes such a difference!
Geo- the melody makes all the difference, most definitely- this morning's melody is the happy sound of a plumber fixing the burst pipe joint. He is humming something; hope he doesn't have the pipefitter blues :-)
Suze said…
Lils, you're a beautiful soul. Reading this served to perk me up considerably.

Sending you love and overripe yellow fruit as you sift and get further settled.

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