The daffodil choir warm up their yellow throats. They sing up to the sky and the piercing circle of sunlight. They sing to the buzzards that scan the fields from warm air currents. They sing to me, Boy and Dog walking in the fields, under the sky and the sun and the birds of prey. They stand bold upright in the vase on my kitchen windowsill, singing their yellow-bright song, while I dip the dirty plates in hot water and soap bubbles, while I scrub with the plastic brush. I can smell fake lime, fresh air from the open windows, daffodil flowers and the sunshine that is trapped in my skin. Dog lies on the doormat, cleaning up a pot of cream.


Teresa Cypher said…
Very nice! What a pleasant diversion from typical blogs. My first visit--found you on the AtoZ linky list :-)
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Teresa! I need to get out and about more in blog terms- I'm a bit of a hermit which is why I thought the A-Z challenge would be good for me- very much enjoying your blog too :-)

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