The February Experiment

During February, I am attempting to blog a description everyday, with prose and pictures, although I will let myself lapse into poetry if I really feel the urge. My blog, my rules! This is a lead up to the A-Z April blog challenge which I have just signed up for. The 1,000 Miracles In One Day will continue, maybe offline for a while, but they are there and I will find them. Meanwhile, here's the story of February. 

The second month of this year arrives, in late winter style, on a coating of fine ice and chilled mist. There will only ever be one February First 2012, and if that is not impressive, this year the month is trailing an extra day, a magic day that appears on our calendars once every four years. Things we don’t see every year we can remember to hold in higher regard. 
This, the first day of the second month, calls for our attention with sharp air and soft horizons, a low pinkish sun lighting the cloud line behind the intricate lace of leafless trees.
All day the sky is clear and half of the moon stays out to see it. As the sun drops it melts to a sticky circle of orange, a colour that smudges a warm watercolour line behind stark inked twists of moor land tree, turns the landscape into an illustration for a fairy tale. The orange circle overfills and pours away into the dark ground. Half a moon is fixed in the deepness of the night. I imagine werewolves only able to grow half of a wolf-beard, asymmetrical beasts. 


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