160 quirky moments caught in my virtual ink

From the kitchen a memory spell
Of scents trickles upwards
Honeymoon musings of candle wax
Lime zest, fresh coriander

Sleep and recollections splice
Warm rain falls knee deep
Flip flops float off, pagoda roof
Cuts a wake through the water

Cut to drinking coconut
On a boat, the boat has
Eyes painted on the prow
And legs, amphibious legs

Aware that she is dreaming
She takes the reins of the walking boat
Steers it to a mountain hideout
Takes a swim in the clear lake

Not every house has
Two kitchens, this house is
Bolted together like Frankenstein’s
Monster, uniquely clumsy

Surfaces meet at odd angles
Some of this house seems to have
Been drawn by a child
In cheerful inaccurate crayons

Cloud cover differentiates, slightly
Lighter than the background
Night sky, barely perceptible
Perpetual flux

Under cloud cover the air
Temperature warms, enough to
Disperse the forming frost
The washing line unbobbles in drips

Morning is forming, cell by cell
The dawn is created. From the
Dark the day evolves, grows
Legs, lungs, opposable thumb

Heartbeat the size of
A thumbnail, this life is
Not ready, tiny brave heart-thumps
Fingers like fronds of sea anemone

Hope in the dark, prayers
Even acceptance to let him go
He sleeps, he breathes
The incubator keeps him safe

It is feasible that amino acids
Arrived on Earth from the
Melting water content of a
Glancing chance-met comet

Clouds have no DNA, the
Echo of form is pure chance
A quirk of water
Molecules variable density 


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