147 miracles (includes slug toothpaste & arachnid sushi)

1,000 Miracles in One Day Project Update

I have had the experience of running, barefoot, over a very fat slug and it did go pop. Also our dog relishes fresh spider, and I am suspicious of what the rats are up to in the back-kitchen roof space. At an average of 41.66 miracles per hour, this post brings me to nearly 4am. 

Queasy pop underfoot
Unlucky tube of slug is
Squeezed from life
Like accidental toothpaste

Starlit unshod sanguine walking
Juxtaposed by sliding in
Slug-guts, shouldn’t be funny but
Tragicomic giggles come

Last breaths are coming, in
The quiet bed, and the last
Nostalgias; dreams are thought of
Integral parts of the whole

Spider sidles, eight feet tapping
On the laminate floor, terminated
By the inquisitive dog and her
Arachnid sushi snack habit 

This is an uncomplicated hour 
To drift away, in a graceful turn of 
Diurnal tide, into the fluid
Calm catharsis of night

Beyond questioning, like reverse
Birthing, the past, the future
Cannot be thought of, only
This present sensation, fading

Shadows begin, this is the early 
Start of day. Light dilutes darkness
Shade by demi-shade
Shadows begin, shape by shape

Birds detect light, one measure
Of light to 1,000,000 of dark
Swiftly bustling into business in
The complicated language of birds

Another key, another door
Opens, shoes dropped under
The coat rack, dirty aching feet 
Bathe under a warm tap

These feet have danced for
Hours, day after week after
Month after year, they love
This rhythm of dance, walk, rest

Sticky steamed silk is peeled 
Free, tired body flops 
On supple covers, closes 
Eyes, drifts back to the dance

Inside the ambulance is
Shiny, attentive, distracting
The cupboards are neatly
Built in, it all fits

Still life in the fridge; plucked
Chicken, scrubbed potatoes
Brown onions, pale parsnips 
A bundle of bright carrots 

Three levels of four tubs, 2 by 2
Fill the well of the chest freezer
Twenty-four gallons of windfalls
Catalysed by -20 degrees Celsius

It is always dark in the jam cupboard
The end cupboard of the ornate sideboard
In the dining room. On opening, layers of
Glossy jars reflect rows of silhouettes

Tidied rain-damp lumps of
Wood-scraps, in the fire-pit, are
Traversed by snails, they paint
Wet ribbons in frost 

Curious head on a foot, that
Resides in a spiralled shell, the 
Gastropod mollusc tilts its 
Eye-horns as it crosses bark

Nocturnal mouse has the 
Basic rodent schedule in mind
Feed, defecate, evade predation
Chew stuff, procreate, sleep, repeat

Rats hang out in the back-kitchen
Roof-space, it’s like a clubhouse
For rats, to come and plan the
Next elaborate heist

Cat’s paws perceive ice 
Track back to the house
To the pillow in a basket and
The bowl full of cat biscuit


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