127 miracles in: 3am car crash

1000 Miracles In One Day

My brief to myself was to find the moments when something wonderful is happening (if you are looking at it correctly.) More specifically, the moment that can make you aware of wonder, even if it isn't a comfortable feeling, hence the inclusion here of a car accident. The moment itself is usually calm and appreciative, hence a verse also on how easy it is to boil a kettle. 

Steam from the kettle spout
Escalates, there are numerous
Reasons not to find sleep
And equating routes to remedy

Because the night obscures
It is a blindfold, because it 
Hides things it is devious
In degrees, from imp to demon

Tapping fingers while the
Soothing drink cools in the
Abysmal dreary hours 
Steam rises and takes a bow 

For this infusion, water 
Surges from tap into kettle
The light flicks off when
The water is boiled

Steam and the flickering 
Of the digital clock-face
Duet. No other illumination
Or entertainment is required

On the beach, no luminosity 
Only from the sound 
Of waves on sand-grains 
Will you find your way

Chamomile tea moment
Is operational, the body 
Feels heavy, the inner 
Dialogue skips words 

The kitchen switch is clicked
Off, stair light switched
On, turned off. Feet tread
Carefully across to the bed

Sleep denied arrives
To contented gratitude
It takes the baggage 
From exhausted limbs

Released, each muscle sighs
True selves crack the shell
Anything can emerge
Unweighted, emulate flight

Sleeping like laughter
Necessary oblivion, the 
Negligible density in which
Possibility extends 

Night is a conduit
The constellations sparkle
Along it, dreams undrape wings
From it; bird, dragon, metaphorical

Along the washing line
Orbs of lined up ice, dot to dot
Above the path to the field, above
Firewood stacked in a lean-to shed

New mother sits up awake
Turns her head to the cot 
The baby is there, it was
Not a dream

Baby in the cot has sleeping
Perfected, mapping the
Known universe, forming 
Notions of sensory experience

The airlocks blip, pressure 
From the fermentation process
Sugar becomes alcohol and carbon dioxide
Finds a vent

Heart shaped leaves of the 
Big houseplant thrive
Cluster over the batches
Of blipping fermenting fruit

Because the roof leaked
The bathroom window is left 
Open. New plaster dries, over a
Series of days and nights

All of the toothbrushes, face creams
And flannels are gathered up
In a box in the bedroom, waiting 
The plaster gets lighter in patches 

Pristine roof tiles reflect
Scattered stars and houselights
Water rolls over them, no more 
Rain dripping indoors

On the dual carriageway a tired
Mistake necessitates an ambulance
Everything is blurred, it swirls
Like a Van Gogh sky

It feels like hyperspace
The spin and flash and crunching
Thump of compacting metal, glass
Shattering, the car stops

The car has stopped 
Being a car, it has
By measures of velocity
Transitioned to wreckage

Deep-rooted bruises burst
Into flower, cubes of glass
Glint in the revolving blue
Emergency service lights

A list of unusual luck is
Ticked through. Heart beating
Breathing, limbs attached
Toes that wiggle

High-heeled shoes, scuffed
In hand, bare feet on 
Cold tarmac feel 

Music and moments replay
3am on the way home
Smiling, dance sweat 
Cooling on silk

Walking is connected
Is feeling the night air
On skin
Is being part of this


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