A Curative Dip

View from a beach out to a calm sea, a few gauzy clouds, a bright sun

Gauzy strips of cloud drift, patterned wavy like the sand; the wind is no more than a sigh.
Into the clear sea I walk, watching my feet on the fine sand, watching the gulls and their shadows swoop from cliffside nests to the smooth water, where they have both shadow and reflection. Sand eels dash below. A hermit crab hides in its chunky whelk shell.
Sun shines through the water, it makes a net of rainbows.
I swim slowly in a rainbowed ocean; tired, yes, resting, yes.
Drift, but pay attention. 
Ideas dip and dive, like the eels, like the light.


Damyanti Biswas said…
Wow, seems like you had yourself a tired but wonderful day! :D
Lisa Southard said…
I did! And keep repeating it too :-) Hope you are coping with the heat xx

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