Glaring bright sun shines through wildflowers and tall golden grasses

I leave early for work, to get to the beach. I start each shift tacky with salt, and my head full of sea pictures; the green weed wafting, the crab shell rolling, the sand eels flicker-flicker.
If we trek to the land we do that early too.
I dunked Old Dog in a bath of rainwater which she calmly tolerated. The next time we brought her, she stood by the bath waiting to be cooled off; not excited by the new trick, just forbearing.
Afternoons are for naps and ice cream. If we get it right our brains don’t boil over, they simmer and ferment.
Days and nights are like the sand eels, they flicker-flicker.
The moon rises tiger-orange, while the sun oozes down.
Travelling homewards, sunlight stripes a tree tunnel, lights up trunks like embers like I’m driving down the throat of a fire-breathing beast. 
Sleep pulls heavy, stealthy, sneaking in.
We dream in silver we dream in gold.
Morning arrives in birdsong, settles into a mug of coffee.
I leave early for work.
I swim. I write:
Diamonds are ten a penny
Floating on the skin of the sea
I wear each wave as a voluminous dress
Trailing foam lace
My laughing is like
A renewal of vows.

Long shot of beach with tall cliffs, low tide, soft sand, sun light making a smiley arc in the blue sky


A lovely summery post. Great shot at the bottom there!
Lisa Southard said…
It's an accidental shot- one of those happy accidents :-)
Steve MC said…
Excellent poetry. And all the more unique to read it now, after a day of snow.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you :-) the weather has turned from snow to heavy rain here, it was jolly to pop back to the summer!

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