The Lights Of Autumn-Christmas

Mid-November, 2nd Lockdown, Notes:

Autumn leaves in bright warm colours, shiny with rain

At night I drive home by porches and windows that flutter with fairy lights: the lights of Autumn-Christmas, visual cries through dense uncertainty, celebrations through doubt. How can I not smile? People have hunkered into this second lockdown and not given up, or they have said Meh and given in to the need for shine. There are decorated trees beaming out, bright strings from yard to roof, muted stars. 

Bought a cheap but pleasantly coloured diary, (the turquoise side of teal) daring to think about organising next year.

Walked Dog up the hill in a late autumn chill, a wave of starlings breaking overhead; the lowing sun, a bewildering array of cloud types, a sliver of waxing moon. She sniffed stories, and I the loamy aroma of rotted leaves. Home again for snacks and writing.
Yule Tale 2020... brings back Barry The Shelf Elf. The pandemic has meant changes to the usual ways of doing things. Teleporting presents, holographic elves. All the tests go well but there’s an enemy amongst them about to wreak havoc. It will be down to Barry to rescue Santa this time, and hopefully clear up the mess his bad holograph left on the chopping board...
I should like to add that although Shelf Elves have traditionally male names and pronouns, they are of no actual gender. This is not important to the story but may be of cheer to some of my readers, which is important.
Mrs Santa hasn’t appeared in this story yet, she may not, but if she does I think I shall gift her a beard. Presents can go in boxes, people and fictional beings need not.

Let there be light!

Blue sky, white fluffy cloud, a low border of hedge outlined


LOVE your penultimate line. I have never ever found a box to fit - which has often made me feel inadequate. Some parts of me rub against the box edges and some disappear.
Let there be light indeed. And stars and rainbows.
Lisa Southard said…
Let's give those box edges a shove! More room to view the stars and rainbows :-)
Amazing photo, that top one!

It's going to be a very different holiday season, to be sure.
Lisa Southard said…
Hard to go wrong with Autumn leaves :-) For me the holidays won't be too different because I will be working through- an odd one for most folks though.
No travel out of state here. :(

We have plans to make the most of Zoom.
Lisa Southard said…
:-( Stay safe and Happy Zooming xx

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