Doubt And Celebrate

Swirly purple graphic reads 'When in doubt, celebrate.'

Words On Loving Yourself

Plan was this: to go to the woods then come home and write. I had asked my clever brother to make a graphic for me, of a phrase I use and wished to share, because it is so nearly my 50th birthday it was making me feel beneficently wise.

What happened was: I was watching the happy arse of my dog as she thundered towards the river when a bundle of words arrived with a ferocity equal to her velocity, as though she had tugged them into being. Writing was done awkwardly, immediately, balanced on a knee. 
These words:

'Imagine a sheet of paper, imagine you have a spoonful of ink. You fling the ink at the paper;
some of it will miss.
You are like this ink.
But you are not this ink.
You can refling yourself over and over and in doing this create something more fluid, dynamic, astounding, authentic, than anything any of us can fix to paper.
Please breathe and feel your breath. 
Please love yourself.
Whatever doubt you are in, allow it.


Wow, they were some thoughts worth stopping everything to jot down on paper before you forgot them. Not that you'd forget them... seeing's as how you're not even fifty yet. HA :) I hope you have a very happy birthday, and YOU celebrate and appreciate that you are still YOUNG. Enjoy!
Lisa Southard said…
The Big 5-0 is now achieved! And I'm loving it :-)
Good! Too many people think they're "old" at forty or fifty. I'm in my 70s, and I'm not ready to give up being a kid at heart yet.
Yes! Life is ink flung at a sheet of paper to see what sticks. Excellent metaphor.

Happy 50th!

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