Wednesday Resolve

Words On Gently Beginning Anew

1st January 2020
At midweek we have begun a new year and a new decade. The page turning, blank calendar moment. Is this the beginning of pivotal stuff or merely Wednesday? One can pivot at any moment, dear hearts, whereas Wednesdays come by only every seventh day. So, what to attend to?
Still ill from Round 2 of flu, I am sat in bed writing this, also drinking good coffee, also eating low carb homemade chocolate treats. I am watching the evening arrive in my garden, how it is sifting away light and colour, how the shadows darken and spill out, how still it is, paused, imbued with the night-sense of adventure.
Attend to the moment.
Here I am.
Saying to myself: in 2020, maybe I will… brush my hair. Tidy my sock drawer. Eat apples. Jump in the sea. Have tea with a friend.
I have a good feeling about these resolutions. 


Jon said…
I'm sorry to hear that you're beginning 2020 with the flu - but coffee and chocolate treats sound good to me. And so do your resolutions. Take care and have a bright New Year!
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you and ditto :-)
Geo. said…
Get well soon, dear Lisa. I'm an unselfish thing but must confess, your illness is a great inconvenience to me. Rest, heal and write anew. All my best wishes.
Lisa Southard said…
All these fine wishes are proving most restorative - thank you muchly and happy new year to all :-) xx
What a delightful thought! Yes, we CAN "pivot" any day of the year. Sometimes, we forget that, and I'm afraid that leads to putting entirely too much pressure on the first day of January. That simply isn't fair... :)

I'm sorry to hear you've been fighting the fly, dear lady. I hope you're doing better now. You've come up with some terrific "maybe" resolutions. I believe I could handle them fairly well. I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to jump into the ocean sometime this year...

Lisa Southard said…
Much better now and my sock drawer is delightfully organised. Hope you get some ocean time too :-)

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