September In The Water

Quarry pool on Dartmoor, with two happy swimmers bobbling about

Lisa Southard takes a bow... and dives off a rock

Lisa Southard jumping off a rock, mid air, before the big splash

Like a pirate, Lisa on an island wearing a stripy top.

Summer signs out on the calendar, maybe distractedly: it leaves a trail of warm days.
In these days we can find a body of water appealing, strip impromptu, dip and swim; strike out limbs, put trepidous feet into murk, thrilled by the press of weed.
We can be merfolk, pirates, explorers, in our storied dialogues; jumping from rocks, invading an island of boggy grass.
Then we put coats on, walk brisk, eat a pot of good olives.
We can run down a beach into shallow waves for miles, till the dog gets tired and swims back.
We can slither back through rock pools, joining a gull tribe. Hear the kittiwake's call. Days are busy busy - too much needs doing - but nothing more than this.

Out of the water when we are wet and the breeze finds us we recall that summer has signed out, that we are in the remnants. Clothed again skin has a buzz of circulation, a flush of warmth.

A tired dog sneaks off to rest after a long sea swim


Beautiful. You sure captured how I've always felt about the water. No matter the time of year, it calls me to forget everything else but the joy of its embrace. And then... OY! The sobering sensations of a cold breeze, chattering teeth and goose-pimpled wet flesh. (But it never stopped me...)

Have a super weekend.
The last gasps of a hot summer. Enjoy.
I'm SURE I already left a comment on this post, but I reckon the Internet must have eaten it. And oooooh, it was such an award-winning comment, too... HA!

Anyhow, you've captured perfectly how strongly I'm drawn to the water, too. Doesn't much matter what the weather is like, either, because the water's call is stronger. What's a little chattering teeth, blue lips, and goose bumps the size of marbles? It's all about the water and we feel like when we're in its embrace.

Thanks so much for the awesome review! :)
Lisa Southard said…
Sorry the review took so long! The internet didn't eat your first comment (it is award worthy xx) it was a result of me being out on a long shift after a wifi free weekend in our van, I only just got to approve these comments. And approve I do! xx
Lisa Southard said…
Indeed! And I'm still swimming (not continuously, but often).

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