Spring's Wild Start

‘In like a lion, out like a lamb’ is the weather saying for March, the roar of the lion being usually equated with storms.

We have snow.

Kittenish at first, growing pouncier and slicier, as the roads get icier.
Red weather warnings flagged all over, venues shut, shops shut, schools shut.
Here, as the wind chill gets dangerous, we layer up, we take a walk - a sensible, across some fields amble, not a survival route.

We are hoping that a walk out will be brisk and keep our circulation functional. With both fires lit, the house is not warm. The bathroom is like outdoors, less the wind chill, plus a strong draft.
I always claim to like the outdoor nature of our bathroom, it keeps you connected to the seasons, to the weather. I do like that - yet also wary of being frozen to the toilet seat.

Snow flurries, evenly spaced, pleasing to the eye, all the air filled with this pretty dance.
Down the lane we make first footprints. Dog looks grubby in the pristine drift.
Taking shelter from sharp wind we turn across a field, follow a shallow stream, into the cover of trees, through spiky saplings of holly and hawthorn. Pause awhile by the disused tip, see the yesteryear fridges and rolled old tyres gain a blank gleam.
We navigate under the trunk of a recent fall, admiring the knot work of ivy stem.
Slide under barb wire, onto road, where other feet have trod - no vehicles. Up the steep hill to spy out, but there’s no horizon, no sky, just grey cloud that breaks into pale pieces, and us, and our grubby hound.



Surprisingly, most of our snow in Vermont has already melted. Mind you, April snowstorms are always a possibility.
Geo. said…
Lisa, yours is a blog I read to my wife (who is also my photographer) and she listens very carefully. There are aspects of it that remind her of visual acuity she possessed long ago. This post brought smiles. Thanks.
Lisa Southard said…
Hoping this will melt soon, but it is pleasing to the eye :-)
Lisa Southard said…
It is a great honour to be read to Norma; photographer, wife, goddess; even had it not raised a smile! I am beaming :-) xx
The snow looks pretty, and while I've always enjoyed the rosy-cheeked feeling of a brisk walk during cold weather, I'm not jealous of the fact that you have snow and I don't. BRRRR! Snow this time of year would make me feel as though winter was overstaying its welcome.

Have a super weekend. :)
Lisa Southard said…
It's nice while it's a novelty - hoping today's thaw is the end of it though - I have a garden to grow!
Happy weekend Susan :-)
We’ve gotten a little more over the weekend. We won’t be out of the woods for a while.
Lisa Southard said…
Hope your cupboards (and drinks cabinet) are well stocked!

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