Van Life? Really?

I am scared. 
We have worked hard and scrimped and saved and now we’re spending the money.

Like a magic trick: pouff!! It will be gone.

Now we pray to the Universe that we are not mistaken.
We open our eyes wide to see the curviness of the learning ahead.

Those are some hourglass figures!

We have paid the deposit, made the necessary investigations concerning insurance, and the specific details of conversions. 

A long wheel base Ford Transit ex-fleet highway maintenance van stands on a forecourt with a SOLD sign. It has a head dent and it smells of a diesel spill. It has a chem-loo which you’ll thank me for not describing. Low mileage, service history in full. Fair price.

Is this really happening? 

I’m lurching into this experience like a learner driver kangarooing their clutch control.

It seems that we have bought a van, yes. 

The man who puts windows in is about to be booked.

From collection we have 90 days to convert it to a legally specified definition of a camper van. 

I have never driven a long wheel base.

We access our home on single track farm roads.

The cornering on our driveway is frightfully tight!
Deep breath time.

There's a pickaxe in the shed, the corner can be adjusted.

I am agitated, and astonished, and it doesn’t matter what, we’re doing it anyway.


Awesome! My bet is you're gonna LOVE it!
Harry Hamid said…
Well, you don't look TOO worried! Ha!
Lisa Southard said…
That's a safe bet, I reckon! Spending the money was the worst bit :-/
Lisa Southard said…
Am definitely lurching - but looking forward to the adventure commencing too :-)
Geo. said…
Not familiar with long-wheel-base Ford Transit Van but am confident in your plan. When Norma and I bought our 2nd car (1st one was a 1952 Dodge 3/4 ton pickup) we were delighted to find a working sink inside --it was a '62 VW Bus. Years later, we replaced it with a '74 VW Bus that I still drive. As for long wheelbases, I've driven trucks up to 80 feet long --you get used to it. Don't worry. Main thing is, these vehicles were designed for transport and not having to pitch a tent. Just have fun, Lisa, but be sure to keep us informed.
Lisa Southard said…
Fun will be had, I am sure of that!
Lisa Southard said…
We are waiting for a collection date with varying levels of trepidation and delight! If we don't have this adventure we will regret it entirely though so it's happening and I don't think I'll be able to shut up about it :-)
Excellent luck with the sink on your '62 - and the '74 in general!

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