Sparkly Ice Magic

A peek back at the void between Christmas and New Year. 
We filled it with grandchildren (and work, which is sort of cheating). 
Managed to corral four of the little Gs for Granma’s instantly regretted plan. 

‘Let’s go ice skating,’ she says, ‘at the Eden Project!’ 
It’s sparkly magic there and that has made Granma overlook her mortal fear of ice.
(Once there was an accident: head… crunch… she still hears the echo.)
But sparkly magic is strong, she tells herself.
Grandad rubs his knees to comfort them. 
Oh, but look at those four sparkly magic faces! 
Pretending altruism, Granma also pays for Uncle E to attend - Uncle E who can actually skate. 
(He isn’t fooled. He is bribed.)

‘You don’t have to skate, if you don’t want to.’ Granma says 1000 times, to each little G, forgetting that a lack of pressure will compel.
So she has to queue for skates, give up the welly boots, mince onto the ice.
Grandchild 1 is eight years minus one week; skating and smirking, he’s off. He fears looking foolish: he’s a blend of brave and ego-tastic right now.
Grandchild 4 gets first whirl with Uncle E, eyes wonder-wide, like a life size puppet.
Grandchildren 2 and 3 edge the rink, holding the rail, finding and losing balance, bursting with giggle-shrieks. 
Grandparents also edge, also giggle.
What on earth is happening?!
The music is fun, the lights do sparkle.

And look:
G1, sailing in bliss. Skill of a nearly eight year old. Nearly. Eight. 
G2 stays close to the rail, trials moves. Earthy chuckle when she slips. Starts again, somewhere between experimental and methodical.
G3 is fourandahalf. She flings herself, being surprised each time by a gap between expectation and reality. It does not undermine her recklessness at all. 
G4 is justfour. He has great determination to master a skill, interspersed with a great desire to be noticed, which he expresses through the medium of sudden dancing.
G3 and G4 account for most of Grandad’s shin bruises. And the delayed onset muscle soreness awaiting Uncle E. And Granma’s sore ribs from laughing. 
‘Were you scared, Granma?’ Mocks Uncle.
And she laughs again, because she had forgotten about the fear.
Magic Ice!

The little Gs are cold though, queuing in their wet socks to regain boots.
So - everyone runs to the top of the rain forest (biome) (looking out for dinosaurs) until they are too hot.
So - everyone runs to the ice cream kiosk - and outside to watch the laser show - bearded with melty chocolate, until they are too cold again, and tired, and being mean to each other and making up.

It’s past midnight before they are all asleep.

Grandad pours two brandies.
Granma says she might have ice with hers.
But only if it’s sparkly.


Sounds like such fun! I can't skate worth anything now, despite having learned as a kid. It's definitely not like riding the proverbial bicycle!
Sounds like a sparkling good time!

We spent the Holidays with four of our grandchildren, too, only we didn't go ice skating with them. Our son wanted us all to go bowling. Now, my hubby and I bowled on leagues for years. At one time, I bowled on four leagues at the same time.

BUT... we hadn't bowled in maybe fifteen, twenty years. A recipe for disaster, perhaps?

I went first. No warm-up frames, no nothing. Just BOOM! Pick up a ball and roll it from a sticky lane. Um, it HURT. A lot. I have arthritis. Two balls was all I was good for. I was done.

Then my hubby went. With the first ball, he fell flat on his face. (Did I happen to mention how STICKY the lane was? I mean, no slide at ALL.) He rolled one more ball, and then he was done, too. Then we sat back and cheered everybody else on. And our tired old joints have been paying the price ever since. :)

Even so, it was fun. It's always fun to watch the grandchildren try something new.

Lisa Southard said…
I think I had a 15 year gap between bicycle rides, that proverb seemed correct. Skating is tricksy, I was lucky to have all those little people to absorb my focus!
Lisa Southard said…
I feel bad for laughing!
Watching grandchildren is worth a bit of discomfort, and at least it was funny, with hopefully no permanent (further) damage...
Happy New Year, and Happy Resting!!
Geo. said…
Brava! Your post is totally enchanting. I've never ice-skated, but worked up the courage to learn to roller skate when I was in my 40s. My teacher was a 5-year-old who could skate quite well and led me around the rink. I only fell twice and she was very patient, told me what I was doing wrong and waited until I was reasonably upright before letting go my hand. Although I no longer roller skate, the lesson was permanent --over 25 years have passed and I am still reasonably upright.
Lisa Southard said…
I hope I may manage a few more years of reasonably upright. Preferably without skates of any kind, but I shan't forbid it. Especially if such a teacher shows up :-)

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