It must be a year since the damsons were planted, and the meadow grass grew its gold splay, and now we have it just right to backlight this spiderweb.
A garden takes time but returns it in increments of moments that somehow contain timelessness; like the sun can be caught in one raindrop, perhaps, reflective magic. 

This morning Mr is finishing a sleep that began on the sofa last night. Dog was curled on her bed, Fat Beagle had taken the vacant man-space, before we went out for our garden wander. The mist was thickest over the river. We walked in dots and all the while the sun was clearing it up.

I have my coffee mug, and my camera, a slouchy t-shirt, old shorts.
Two dogs snuffling, for scent-gossip and their favourite grass snacks.
‘Look at this web.’ I say, but they just stare down to the river.


  1. Wonderful photos. I'm fond of happy dogs and artistic spiders --and look forward longingly toward autumn mist that brings the best out in them.

  2. The woods in autumn... one could almost wish the summer away! xx


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