It is possible that we did.
Track through the maize jungle, doused in rain.
We were monkeys, giggling.
Slunk big cats, louche, fantastic.
Bright birds.
Or maybe it was something we thought of: today’s adventure could be…
Trespass through the living crop.
Maize grows with toes, it can, at any time, rise up.
Run on its toes like raptors.
Leaves wide as machetes.
Take nothing for granted in here.
Rain forest magic in here.
We have our best adventure-trousers on, and Wellington boots.
It is possible.
Anything is.


Geo. said…
From childhood, I have been intrigued by the raptor-like roots of corn. Your description, poetic and full of imaginative adventure, returns me to those warm and wonderful walks among the rows and again I am amaized. Thanks Lisa!
Lisa Southard said…
Corn is magic stuff :-) xx

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