The Plan Revealed

It is our belief that a crazy plan will do more good than harm. This is why we are often to be found drawing plans for hillbilly hot tubs and underground gardens. Heat regulation is the main staller with the former, the latter is preparation for when we own land. And this is beginner level crazy (intermediate elsewhere, perhaps, but we live in rural Cornwall) not far from simply dreaming. One giant shed, one polytunnel, one almost finished bath-pond testify that we can make ideas tangible. Based on this, and other little things, like compassion, like stories shared, we have been forming a bigger plan.
Here’s the rough outline:
we acquire land
we build and/or develop a self sustaining community
this community is part made up of isolated folks trying to get a foothold in general society
we run a business or two from the land (farming, crafts, camping site, etc)
How on earth do we make this happen? How will it work?
Slowly, with much head scratching, ingenuity, internet trawling, form reading, and such like.
It may not work.
It may not happen.
We may be fools! But we have declared ourselves now!
The Plan has elevated to ‘talk about it amongst yourselves’ to ‘get out there, do research.’
So far I have had one meeting with a local charity about what funding might be available and what other similar projects exist, to look at and learn from.
A list, in pencil, on the back of an envelope: can anything grow from that?
The paperwork will be mountainous. It will be glutinous.
Problems that stick like mud and weight your boots.
But what harm can it do to try?
(Don’t answer that!)
The happy-crazy plan has us fully engaged with life.
Embarrassed at our naivety, insecure, out of the comfort zone.
It’s something we can see in the distance but aren’t yet sure of our route.
Which is why I decided to write this down. Fear of failure hobbles life. Better to fail than hobble. Faith in dreams is faith in life.
Small case history 1:
I fell off a tree branch yesterday and have minor whiplash, a good bruise purpling my hip. Yes, feeling silly. But feeling like I wish I hadn’t climbed that slippery branch? That I’d stuck to the easy path?


Suze said…
No harm! No harm! Bruises can be badges, too. I declare myself fully in support of happy-crazy.
Suze said…
And feel free to consider 'No harm! No harm!' a benediction as well as an opinion.
Dixie@dcrelief said…
Sounds like a plan to me. You can always keep an eraser handy.
Take care of you!!
Lisa Southard said…
This is the first time since I wrote my very first post that I have been genuinely nervous about sharing! If anything defeats us it could well be the paperwork, but Mr, me and the other brave souls involved, we're willing to have this adventure. It's not something we've created, it's more something that has come to us, and that's hard to resist. Never appreciated the cheer more, thank you so,so much :-)
Cherdo said…
"It our belief that a crazy plan will do more good than harm."

Geo. said…
What you describe is similar to intentional communities I have seen form here in California since the late 1960s. Some remain and thrive. From what I've learned, choosing the right combination of people is key to success. Beyond that, I am an ignoramus who looks forward to learning more about your Plan.
Lisa Southard said…
There are similar projects here too, and I agree, they need people with particular skill sets who can work collaboratively. Part of the research process is to look at existing communities. Looking forward to having more to report :-)
Dixie@dcrelief said…
Looking forward to hear the progress!!
Unknown said…
Sounds exciting! Xx
Lisa Southard said…
Indeed Miss Daisy :-) xx

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