Hello Girls And Boys!

Firstly, a quick reorganisation of the grandchildren. They number only four thus far (‘only’ as in ‘not an unmanageable number,’ not only as in, ‘ that it?’) so it may seem-

random interruption- forthy- is that a word anyone else knows?- ‘forthy’ means here ‘to be precocious’-
short form of ‘forwards’ -

-forthy to be having this tidy up.

It is easy when surrounded by these outpourings of future grown ups, to be thinking forwards, it is the time of year for clear-ups. So henceforth shall Little Grandson be Grandchild 1, Little Granddaughter be Grandchild 2 : and so on.They are ordered by age not popularity.

We do like to organise them.
Not to classify but to direct.
Take this Christmas lark, for example.

Nothing is begrudged , yet just as a surfeit of food can cause bloating, a surfeit of stuff can clog the soul.
What gift can be brought without fear of clog, without loss of fun?
Memories. We aim to give a whole set.
Memories are made from formative experiences.
This year, for the older two grandchildren and the godson, we have selected the experience of pantomime.

What will they remember, I wonder?

[Here are some notes for their later reference:
Godson did not much like the 3D monsters. He loved the singing.
Grandchild 1 loved the 3D monsters, especially the bogies that flew out. He tried to catch one.
Grandchild 2 loved everything except feeling hungry and the thought of harm coming to the Pantomime Cow.
Together they invented the Gate Game. The rules were never explained to me.]

The Gate Game


Geo. said…
Forthy. Forthy. I have absorbed this wonderful word. Thank you, Lisa. The "gate game" is an excellent exercise in the juxtaposition of blockage and opportunistic passage. One cannot thwart without creating an opening elsewhere. I like it. This is probably how chess was invented.
Lisa Southard said…
You have the Gate Game down pat, sir!
Dixie@dcrelief said…
I love the imaginative world of children(smile).

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