Rain And Intervals

Parking on the grass is denied by wheel spin. 

The lanes are not for walking but splashing and how clear the water is, with that subtle property of magnification, framing old bits of leaf, saturating colour, and the sun puts warm on your face in these blue sky intervals and the water runs downhill, gurgling. 

Clouds travel in thickly flanked formations.

In a field a coated horse tail-flicks and observes how starlings burst upwards from grass, up to the bare ash branches to make their mass noise.

Optimism pegs washing out: it gets a thorough second rinse before the sun interval repeats. It does not matter. It was not so unexpected but it cannot be predicted.

Every day we can wonder what will happen next.


Dixie@dcrelief said…
Every day is an adventure. Love, love your writings!!
Geo. said…
True optimism calls a clothesline inundation a second rinse. I needed that point of view today --much appreciated.
Cherdo said…
Lovely, of course.

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