Tenacious Jocosity

Outside there is a storm: if you put your hands over your ears and hear the blood inside rush, it sounds like this storm. Wheel spray splays like the tails of white peacocks, every car wings by. From the car to the house several unexpected steps sidewards explain the wind strength.
The tenacity of things is considered.
How many tempests will the deadwood in the ash tree survive, for example, and how if one builds a wall there is some knowledge available that will give guidelines to its longevity. This is why we use bricks or stone not straw, not sand.
These thoughts proceed to enquire how we can know what material our words are made of? All this writing that may or may not endure? But it does not matter. One should link words oblivious, obsessed, absorbed, delirious, tempestuous.
It is Friday, the evening.
A glass of wine arrives and sits next to the Dettol which is a testament to the bad manners of our elderly cat. Outside the wind roars as though laughing.
Oblivious, obsessed, absorbed, delirious, tempestuous, ludicrous, lovely life.


Dixie@dcrelief said…
I like this!! You have a way with words.
Geo. said…
Well-composed descriptions of life should include wine and disinfectant. It is a tenacious image that I shall remember.
Lisa Southard said…
*takes a bow*
Thank you- Old Cat has found herself a sleeping nook in the bathroom now which has a suitably tiled floor. And it is all part of life :-)

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