Autumn Begins To Chill

This year’s tenth month is filled with wanderings.
We add a string of small village names and the town of Dartmouth to our October map. Here we wallow in the last of summer’s residual warmth: it is dark, we are standing at the harbour edge observing small fish crowd submerged steps. All the boats have duplicates. It is impossible to understand that the water could be cold. We are outside the restaurant, hot with digesting. All the night is filled with human noise.
At home the heat disperses into storms, is spilt and lost in precipitation. Foxes yip: the young ones are sounding out new territories. We see them often, walking intent at the roadside.
One last thunder roll shakes the river valley and the rain pools deepen.
(When not wandering this writer squints and squints over print proofs until her headaches drown out the thunder and the weather complains at the disruption.)


Suze said…
I so love the idea of sounding out a territory.

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