Surprised By The Memory Of A Pen

Trying with the borrowed laptop. Not liking the borrowed laptop. Feeling apologetic. 
Such a first world problem!
Trying again. The moon that is sighed to is as wide as it can be, milky as glaucoma. Mistakes every third word, at least.
Tap tap- oh, not that- tap- oh…
Try again: oh…
Conscious of a lack in flow.
Hands tap knees instead.
Outside the moon has worn thin. The sky is swirled out and sequined: one star is spun free.
Remember the fibre tip pen you had? After the years of cheap biro that leaked ink in your pockets? The lump on your finger from gripping the plastic? How beautiful that fibre tip! It glided.

(Special effect produced by
a marshmallow on a fiery stick)


Geo. said…
Wow! Excellent special effect. Marshmallows produce pyrotechnics far more photogenic than fireworks. And I suspect much of the finest literature was tapped out upon knees before written on other, less rhythmic, material. I LIKE this post!
Lisa Southard said…
Marshmallows (like knee tappings) are artistically underrated. Although a burning stick will do for a similar effect, there is definitely more flare with marshmallow :-)

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