Magic Three

A calendar year begins in winter, stark and spiced. Spring pokes through, budded, pretty. The bloom is biggest in summer. Even the late to leaf ash trees are feathered in green, now, in the year's second change of season. The hedgegrass has gone wild: gobbled up the village name; licks at the speed limit signs. Wild strawberries and feral loganberries take warmer and deeper hues. Flowers spray colour everywhere and the roses droop with scent.
'I love it!'
Little Granddaughter greets her third year: swirls in a princess dress, swings a plastic tool kit. Her mother calls her 'Princess Fix-It.' Gronmere has painted her a tree mural: she loves that too. In the garden her first sunflower opens its warm yellow face and is loved.


Geo. said…
Wow, what a wonderful bedroom mural! 3-years-old is a magical time --I have a grandson that age who announced on Sunday that he was made of jelly. I learn so much!
Lisa Southard said…
This is my second tree mural, they are fun to paint, especially when so admired :-) Your grandson possibly has powers of transmutation? Utterly fabulous! xx

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