Cotton Cloud

I pegged a pale wash to the line 
before work. I worried 
about a stain on my white shirt 
it's a shirt, only, a length of cotton stitched 
cotton that was grown from seed
picked and handled to the loom 
woven, bought, cut, made, sold, handed on. 
I should not take any presence for granted. 
Then I remember that to care for a thing 
might not mean to worry over it. 
The sun will shine. Blotches fade, or not. 
I will still like my shirt. It blows rounded
on the line, not unlike 
a pegged cloud.

Loganberry Jam: delicious!
Must remember to wear an apron for the next batch though :-) 


How I do love your writing, Lisa.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Heather :-) I peeked at Annie Dillard's Pilgrim book online: very flattered by that comparison!! Still absorbed in getting my novel out to readers, hoping to have an ebook self published by the end of this year... meanwhile it's good to get back to some blogging.
I have a friend who self-published her novel this year. If you want me to put you into contact with her just send me an email at - she is a wonderful person.
And yep, I kind of on purpose forgot to tell you that "Pilgrim" had won the Pulitzer Prize. Meant what I said though, very much.

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