Princess Lily

Almost how the garden looked today

Mr cuts the grass. I kick my flip flops under the pampas, to keep shady, and walk around the garden with Rabbit. He favours the perimeters; nips off the tips of blackberry shoots that have escaped the brutish mower. My washed hair is drying in the sun, absorbing the rich light. The lawn I admire as manicured. Rabbit has his harness, the red one with the gold bell, and matching lead. Leaky hosepipe sounds like a water feature; a long tumble of water over imaginary marble steps. We require a statue, I say to myself, so that Rabbit and I may take a turn about it, and speak of it later over dinner with dear friends. I shall tell them that I wore the long cotton skirt with the rose print; the darling rose print; and so admired the pastoral composure of the astutely cultivated fields. 

Dog and Rabbit share some shade: taken before the lawn was chopped, one should add


Friko said…
I sincerely hope you remembered to take your parasol.
One's skin is too delicate to expose to the harmful rays of the sun. So common.
The Cranky said…
Perhaps a statue of Alice for the image of Wonderland you've created...
Geo. said…
Delightful garden --even the imaginary bit. No green grass here yet. Wouldn't mind a rabbit --such abrupt creatures.
unikorna said…
I simply adore your story telling's inviting and engaging :) whatever the subject might be. I love your writing.
Suze said…
'I shall tell them that I wore the long cotton skirt with the rose print;'

Very strange. I've been thinking about a skirt like this. Do you remember in the early nineties when women wore skirts like this with heavy boots?
Lisa Southard said…
My, what a gorgeous line of commentary! Feeling quite bashful! Friko, do not worry, the parasol was in full spoke. Jacqueline, an Alice statue would be apt here indeed. Geo- Rabbit is charmingly abrupt, most entertaining company. Lynn and Unikorna- being appreciated is the most splendid feeling. Suze, this morning I was dressed in a long skirt and my walking boots- hedgerow chic!
Thank you everyone, you made my day! :-)

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