30 down, 970 more miracles to find

Some daunting is experienced at this point. It is balanced by an increased ability to 'look fresh' at my surroundings. These verses cover, roughly, 0030 to 0050 hours.

An apple drops from its tree
Hits the ground with a cartoon thwack
Rolls and comes to rest 
At the foot of the tall grass

Leaves fidget, urging air into motion 
They unbudded on this branch 
With flowers that have swollen 
Into the ripe and falling fruit

In the room where the lamp is left on
The dog rolls over, sleeping
Four paws stretched out and her
Head rests on a cushion

Doors on the wood-burner closed
Damped flames burnt down to 
Beads of heat, timber structures are 
Residual shapes of ash

Next to the lamplit room, a row
Of barrels sing, this is blackberry
Wine fermentation, the happy
Song of the airlocks

The oven clock light is green
There’s a flicker in the kitchen
When the numbers change
The shadows jump

Dirty dishes in the sink, left
Till morning, if the tumeric stains
They will not worry, it is 
Another layer of memory

Layers of memory disguise the 
Coffee pot on the black stove
Above it a stain crosses the ceiling
Recollecting the time the pot erupted

Factories do not stop for any hour
Unisex teams in hairnets and gloves
Pack cream cakes into boxes
Lorries wait to fill up with cake

The pallets of boxes are loaded
By electric light, the shadows
Enhance the pleasing geometry 
Of the regular stacking

Headlights rise and fall
In passing, lorries carry cargo
Cars and suitcases head for
The airport


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