From Autumn, A View Of Winter

From daylight, the hours slip.
Into night the hours arrive.
I see them as new hatched fishlings: blinking, gaping, full of instinct.
Leaves; autumn is famous for leaves; for the ruby’d mulch.
It is daylight, I am walking with Dog, we go under trees, alongside the swelled river.
Walking is thinking but thinking outside is release not compression; the scenery is not lost.
Head full of projects and lists, aims, objectives: internal mulch.
What next?
The paths are covered.
A winter story is coming: barefoot, towards the hearth. Smells of candle wax and cocoa.


  1. "Smells of candle wax and cocoa.."

    I'm so ready for the roaring fire and marshmallows!!

    Love your writing!

  2. Cozy in winter is one of life's great pleasures :-)
    And thank you!

  3. "Internal mulch."

    I'd steal that phrase if I didn't have blogger ethics. :-)


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