Hedges And Edges

Hazy rainy view of a field of tall grass, edged by the door of a stable and a field gate.

Wednesday 11th August 2021:
The polytunnel is a green tangle. Cucumbers are emerging like little green balloons like we could model them into sausage dogs. Tomatoes begin to blush. The basil leaves this year are huge, like sails, an armada of flavour. Lime flowers and lemon balm and earth make a signature perfume.
The garden goes feral every time we lift our attention to the land or the house- the house is currently a mess, like we’ve dumped it here, the land is getting there slowly.
We are digging out the wire fencing, some of which is so grown in it might as have well have had roots. We are scything back brambles with reassurances that there will always be space for blackberry plants, just not everywhere. We are spooling up the barbed wire, carefully. Most blood is drawn by thorns.
The fields will be cut in mid-August, by the Dart family who have fields nearby. They will even back the tractor in to clear nettle patches where the trees overhang. There is a chap coming for a site visit to quote on laying hardcore in the gateways to assist with vehicular access.
We have gravel grids for parking spots, we have questions, we have calculations.
(Subbase, sand base, compact the earth? How much gravel per square, etc...)
It’s always going to take longer than you hope, it’s always going to pop up problems, it’s always worth the trouble. Taking responsibility for this land parallels well with love- parenting, training a pup, being in a relationship, this kind of everyday, on-going, life journey love.
Yesterday we almost tamed the garden.
Today I am doing remedial housework.
Tomorrow we are back to hedgework.

Two middle aged people in hats, holding scythes, standing in a field. They are grinning like proverbial idiots.
Selfies with scythes - and all togged up
to keep the horseflies off. Happy-tired.


I hope that there was room in your happy tired for a smidge of pride.
And almost tamed is a close as it gets where a garden is concerned.
Lisa Southard said…
There was! A smidge of room for a smidge of pride. Almost tamed is quite enough too :-)
Geo. said…
Beautiful closing portrait of happiness and pride. You open new endeavors, lessons and accomplishment. May strength serve your dream and good fortune attend. Oh, and could you please tell Oak Dragon we need rain clouds herded our way?
Lisa Southard said…
Oak Dragon popped up in my photo memories yesterday - he is still roaming, I will call to him, he loves a quest! Thank you :-)

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