Tides Of March

Steep granites steps leading down to a sandy beach. Edged by steep cliffs. Sunny day.

Monday 1st March 2021, a work day.
Lunchtime. I went for a stroll. Seabreeze was calling. Roamed up and down hill past many crowds of daffodils to get to Porthpean, paddled in the waves (breeze lively, onshore). There was warmth cycling through the cool in the air and water. Sound of waves and gulls. Soft sand. Simple, sensational pleasures. On the slower walk back I put hedge herbs in my coat pocket, took them back to flavour my lunch.
On this evening's return commute an orange oversized moon lay over the moors, lopsided and egg-like, more reptilian than bird. I surmised a dragon within.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021, an at home day.
Shaking off a sense of dread. I think it is the general mess of the world; lots of specifics but not any one in particular.
Yesterday was restful; a walk, some reading, a firepit evening complete with blaze of shooting star. Stopped to chat, on our walk, which is how we discovered that there was once an albino badger living in the woods.
Thinking of this lessens the dread: nature magic.
This morning was houseworky- the base work for domestic magic.
(I require candles, fairy lights, incense, a long dress. A slow cooked meal and the dishes all washed. Open windows to let bird chatter ring around each room.)
When our home is made passably friendly I sit with eyes closed, thinking of tides and rivers, times and weathers, ebbs and flows. Outside rain is falling, the sort that children draw, pear shaped drops.
Water magic.
(Under the water a dragon swims with the tow. I feel it: all the magics muddle into a trail of rainbow bubbles- a blur of Don’t Worry, a swirl like a dance.)

Open bright yellow daffodil flowers growing in a sparse hedge


So much of this post sings to and for me. Thank you.
An albino badger... that image is going to stay with me for a while.
Ahhhhhh. Your words are always like a breath of fresh air. You're absolutely right about how "nature magic" can help tamp down the dread. Your descriptions of nature and of the simple everyday things of life contain that same magic. Sending a big thankful hug your way.

Take care, and Happy Easter!

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