Blurb, The Dreaded Blurb

Writing Goals For 2021 

Text reads 'Happy New Year' in pale pink across a burst of sunrise, over frosted grassland

After a brief festive respite, the novel in progress is being dragged into the light of the new year. It has taken a few complicated turns and far too many timelines but I'm wrestling it back to sense. This is the first proper fiction I've written in a long while, other than short mostly hilarious stories, my to-date published books for adults have been written from life. The joy of the ordinary is not missing from this new work, it has merely been joined up with various invented* entities and realms. To keep the plot focused and because I find it the hardest least enjoyable bit of writing I am here attempting to put together a book jacket blurb. 
Please read and send feedback - no offense will be taken - I have no idea if the following makes sense let alone if it would entice a reader... 

The novel itself needs some pragmatic restructuring but should be a reasonable first draft before this year is done. This, plus more blogging which will be (perform ritual of good luck here) following our land purchase adventures.
If you fancy joining my beta reader ranks, let me know.
Anyone local to me who would like to help build some compost toilets or lay in a hedge or two likewise get in touch (depending on current pandemic protocols of course). 

*some by me, some from folklore.

'A tale of good versus evil with bioluminescence and cake. 

Annish is 120 years old so why does she feel like everything is new to her?
Ansha keeps dying, and returning, so are her saboteurs out to destroy or assist?
Mr Longhi just wants to run his organic cafe, how did he get caught up in this?
Anieth discovers she has two secret sisters: Wenna who is good but elusive, and the demonic Tynna who takes after their mother.
Anieth’s story holds the key to all of their fates.
To master the magic present in everyday life before the demons leach it out she will need assistance from Old Annish, from Ansha, dead or alive, and Wenna, if they can find her. 

Three goddesses, one sea god, one dragon, one lizard, an old dog, a pregnant cat, some spiders, The Rule Of 19 Demons, and Ankow, Queen of Death, are watching: they have some of the answers, but there’s always precedent for it all going wrong.'


I would assuredly be tempted. Very tempted.
Lisa Southard said…
It would be a bit of a commute to come building toilets :-) I will happily put you on the reading list though - the task is only to let me know what doesn't make sense or ring true. No deadlines or pressure, and no risk of offence - my favourite beta readers are so blunt, it saves us all a lot of time!
Lisa Southard said…
THANK YOU to everyone who has sent feedback to me directly, this has been so helpful. I have some good support here!
Lots of eye-catching stuff there. The highlights for me:

Bioluminescence and cake.

A pregnant cat.
Lisa Southard said…
I like these bits too. Still got some plot wrestling to do before I know exactly what I'm pitching. Good to get prepped though :-)

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