Hello November

Words for reaching through uncertainty and facing the winter

Bare tree tops reflected in a muddy puddle

Hello November,
I hope you know what dreams we have for you: some that seem lost all ready, and some that glow like the moon behind the clouds that can yet illuminate this nightscape. November- here you bring your rich warmth, the golds and flames, here the evergreens begin to stand out, here we see bared twigs, the bones of a winter pending. A winter of what, November, will you show us? Hello back, the wind blows.
You know the secret of divination: you start where you are. You stand in the stir of the leaves and reach for what you can touch. Dream bigger, yes, always: dream of storms, of calm, of the destination. But make a brick before you make a house, and choose your shelter wisely. Plant a seed before you have a crop- make sure there is a path through it. Lean into my wildness to find yours. Centre that. The rain and the wind, the trees in green or moulting, they go beyond talking, they dance away.

Dog walks up a country lane, sun is shining after a rain storm


Love the wisdom (and the beauty) of trees. In every season and stage of life.
Lisa Southard said…
Absolutely, never get bored of tree watching :-)
That's a nice perspective on this time of year. We move to winter more quickly here. We already have snow. Mind you, I prefer that to staring at the bare trees.
Lisa Southard said…
Teeny bit of snow envy here!
You can have it!

I'd feel better if we had our snow tires on. That appointment's next week.
This was beautifully written with vivid imagery! It’s a lovely time of year to take long walks,
as the leaves change colors.
Whatever's going on in the world, the reassuring continuity and steadfastness of nature helps center us. Yes... the trees are doing their timeless strip tease and the leaves are dancing in our streets, and now that the election is behind us, so are the people! Here in the U.S., for many of us, November has delivered solace and renewed hope for a return to hope and decency. Life is good!
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you :-) Happy walking!
Lisa Southard said…
Nature is the ultimate renewal of hope - happy for the happiness :-) xx

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