Coffee In Bed

Words of laziness and love

Blurred sun shines through mist over a frosty lawn

A day at home. It’s morning. Sat in bed, first coffee drunk. From the window see a frost, a trailing mist. Mr is watching videos of people having self inflicted accidents of which some are engagingly stupid; one admires the ambition, the optimism, the care free higgedly-piggedlyness which pandemic restrictions have currently outlawed. From the window see the sky iced blue, see marigolds in the polytunnel leaning through lime tree branches, too tall to stand alone.

I ask for a second coffee.
Mr, downstairs, talks to the dog who woke us at dawn but is happy to sofa-nap now till breakfast.

A circle of picked marigold flowers, bright yellow on a white plate
Yesterday's marigold harvest.


Loving your golden harvest, and the images your words have presented my mind.
Thank you.
Lolling in bed with a hot beverage sounds like a great way to start the day. Once my cats roust me... long before the sun thinks about rising... I generally shuffle off to the kitchen to put the tea kettle on. Maybe I should learn to take it back to bed with me once in a while. Just to enjoy the calm. (Well, as much "calm" as two cuddly cats allow, anyhow.)

Those marigolds are gorgeous. It doesn't look like you've put them in a vase... what do you do with them? My foggy brain seems to remember there's some sort of spice you can get from them, maybe???

Take care, sweet lady.
Lisa Southard said…
Cuddles with cats and a cuppa sounds like a good start to a day. I'm drying the marigolds, to use for making a herby tea, and making food look pretty. A subtle honey-ish flavour. Also infusing some in oil as it's meant to be good for skin :-)

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