Squirrel Stares And Rainbow Strikes

Grounding With Words And Details

Grey squirrel, mouth full of acorn, gives hard stare

Wednesday 7th October 2020
I have of late been in a slump, feeling stuck. Better today. Small actions help. Noticing stuff helps - today a squirrel with a mouthful of acorn stopped to stare at me and that is a definite boost. One does not always have a squirrel to summon but clouds, sunsets, the sound of rain: things the senses can appreciate, they keep a person grounded and they slowly build me back.

Sunday 11th October 2020
Sat in bed, drinking coffee. Yesterday a rainbow struck the shed, this morning there is an ice-blue sky with white cloud in solid curls. I can see the outline of the pine, hear a pair of birds cackle, hear my washing machine whirling. The usual pigeons are absent. I am thinking of having a swim before work. The sea is still warm-ish, as is the land and the general air temperature, the windchill factor is upping. I endeavour to keep a suitably packed swim kit with me at all times.
If I do swim I will be tacky from salt all day, and get home late, maybe I will remember to ask Mr to put the water heater on, come home to a warm bath: drop in a bath bomb, light a candle, have a measure of parsley wine on hand - lie hot and floaty and watch the reflected flame on the belly of my glass.
I will feel replenished.
(FYI: a Halloween story is bubbling up… a happy-silly tale as this year requires. I will post it early and encourage fan art responses, all joyous mediums welcome.)

Bright rainbow in grey sky, strikes the curved roof of a large shed


Any day with a rainbow is automatically made better. Thank you for sharing this stunner.
I too find grounding in the small things - very often in nature.
Looking forward to reading your Halloween bubble.
With all the high-stress news assaulting us from every side day after day, (especially here in the states) it's a wonder we aren't all in a major slump. I survive by employing a high degree of tunnel vision. Sure, I acknowledge the ongoing craziness, but I refuse to focus on it or to allow it to pull me down. Focusing on my own little world and the things I have to do is about all I can handle. Noticing and appreciating the good stuff around us and reveling in nature's beauty, like you've been doing... that's the ticket!

I'm looking forward to your happy-silly tale. :)

Take care, sweet lady.
Lisa Southard said…
Nature nurtures :-)
Lisa Southard said…
Your own little world is all you need to focus on - I'm overly amused by my Halloween story - now I have to hope it lives up to the hype! xx

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