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Sunlight makes a rainbow arc over a calm river, flanked by trees in full leaf

Words On Being Happy

Two milestone birthdays today that I know of - of course there are more - one 70th, one 1st, to be celebrated from a distance.
(70 years no longer sounds old, whereas one year of existence is a dot.)
For Grandchild 7 we had sent a parcel by taxi: all the willow branch-and-twig cut down from pruning the arch (deliberately left to overgrow for this occasion) ribbon tied and rolled in an old tablecloth. A willow house kit!
(Although it looked a little like I was disposing of a tall skinny body…)
Which his family have assembled with pallet flooring, and I hope has survived last night’s high winds...
For the 70th (Caroline Osborne-Dowle) a handmade card which dropped into the post box before I remembered that the post had already gone that day so it will be late - but I will call and give the real present, which is a pledge to spend time - to go out, to stay in, details will sort themselves out.
Time is the priceless thing. We will march from dot to dusk, travelogue-ing tales, and even if all that is forgot, if dementia or injury sweeps through, what was created remains in love, in energy.
Think about what you are creating. Do you need help to steer happier?

Meanwhile I go to the river, cool in the wide flow, watch the birds swoop. My shoes are slung in a tree. I have steered, and been tide-shoved, and here I am, and I want to help.
Not to author anyone else’s story, just to even out access to the ink.
To the raw materials.
To the moment. 


A beautiful post and thought. Which sings of love.
A willow house kit and the gift of time...perfect and appropriate for all ages. Happy Birthday to both.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you :-) Hope you are keeping well, loved the photos from your walk!
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you :-) The willow house survived the storm and is getting quite fancy all ready - they have a porch and a garden fence!
Time is the priceless thing. In truth, maybe that's at the heart of why I don't mind the social distancing much. There's more time.
Lisa Southard said…
A lot of people are finding this benefit, I hope the importance of it can carry though.
What a lovely post. You're right. In the end, time is the most precious gift we can give anyone. But... a twig house kit sounds pretty doggone cool, too! (And thoughtful!)

Take care, sweet lady.

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