Summation of my blog posts:
- Weather
- Birds are singing
- Coffee
- Look, words

Today is no great exception; wavy minded, grey glare sky, geese-clatter lost under the roll of the washing machine and the volume of royal baby coverage that Granma Grace is entertained with, empty mug number 3, novel outline on a bit of foraged paper. 
It's hard to think so maybe I should take this as a sign.
A bolt of sun drops through the window. There's pink blossom wobbling on a potted bush. Daisy dots across the lawn, a backdrop of swaying willow. Grace is snoozing through the adverts, tapping her feet as she does for all the things that are going or may yet go wrong for the whole of the world, everything from a stain on your shirt to the sixth mass extinction. In balance of this she also is happy for everyone. If you are feeling anything less than splendid, she is sending you a hug right now, and love, and a biscuit/piece of fruit/check the cupboard, take what you fancy. 

Later I will do the Serious Writing. 
For now, make lunch, drink water, eye the flora, tidy up the expectations.


Your summary of your blog posts didn't even begin to do them justice, dear lady, because your words are never mere words. Somehow, you've figured out how to infuse your words with heart and beauty. Being able to describe the ordinary in words that capture the imagination, tap into our commonalities, and speak directly to the soul is a rare thing. So, you don't just use words... you communicate in a most delightful way. (So ALL of your writing is... serious... seriously good.)
Anonymous said…
Susan, you are quite the tonic! Thank you with a big hug back xxx

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