Wandering The Coffee Dunes

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I went to bed late, woke up early. It's warm for February so while the kettle fizzed I opened up windows. Birdsong flitted in. I found the last scoop of coffee in the emergency pot. Soft, fine powder and for a while I imagine a coffee dune and what sort of erratic foliage would tug a living there?

(Answers appreciated - flora and fauna. I have a twitchy spider that looks like bonbons...)
Sat in bed, lap top propped to never quite the right height. I've been working on chapters that are like a crazy patchwork and just trusting that they'll balance better than my keyboard and not result in carpal tunnel syndrome. 
Musty-coffee coating my tongue. 
How long has that pot been lurking? 
Birdsong, blue sky...
The answer is, get your hammock slung up. 
Because of the tired way I am dropping and forgetting stuff, and drinking strong but muddy water. 
Fresh air, rest. 
Find your way then.


Harry Hamid said…
I am convinced, most of the time, that my writing is only going to be as good as how I felt when I was writing it. It might be true, I don't know. Coffee and comfort seem like priorities when it comes to writing, though.
Late to bed and early up sounds like my way of living. Especially since Daylight Savings Time kicked off and screwed things up even more. My internal clock is completely confused.

So yes, rest. Drink coffee and imagine what you will. You can't force creativity. :) (Dammit!)
Tanza Erlambang said…
I always drink coffee day and night....feel fresh.
have a great day

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