Pea Pot Plans

Air temperature rose and fell. People are reading this like runes. What joy, what doom awaits? I am not speculating, only trying to work out when best to catch up on late planting. 

The polytunnel is a steamy breathing earthy space. Seed trays are incubating. 

Peek repeatedly under repurposed plastic and crockery hoping for that poke of green. 

There’s one self seeded tomato - how smug it stands in the scatter of egg shells, though the nasturtiums tumble around a hundred times bigger. 

Lime shoots pee-oww from every crack of bark; we made soda from the first batch, it has a fresh-bitter bite. 

Dandelions are strong and fast - from their flowers I made a mock-honey. No wonder the bees love these florets!

Today in the dampness I felt that the earth was holding warmth, and pressed boot soles into soft clay-mud around the empty horse field - while Dog snuck off to feast on things unknown, hiding in the rising crops, sheepish in recall, wolfish in lip-licking.

Peas, I remind myself. I’m going to try some in a pot. 

I daresay there’ll be jokes. 


  1. I'm not up on flowers, or plants of any kind, for that matter, so even more than "pea pot," the word "nasturtium" got my mind going. It's a real flower, I see, but it sounds like a mean one.

    1. The name is misleading (and awkward to spell) luckily - they are boisterous like friendly little peppery dragons, not at all mean :-)

  2. Delightful photos, Lisa: Happy dog contained in bubble, polytunnel --a portal into magic. And have I told you lately, I sure like how you write?

    1. Thank you - and yes but I don't get tired of hearing it! I am much like Dog in that respect :-)
      Many happy returns of Maytimes to you and yours :-)


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