River Paddle On A Frosty Day

Read my To Do list - threw it on the fire. 

Put on my red coat. 
Found two dry oak leaves in a pocket -  catch a falling leaf, get a wish, I remembered, so I put them on the fire too, to let the wishes be free. 
And walked back to where that tree stood bare, and further through the woods. 
I found treasures, such as stacks and globs of fungus growing in turned up roots - that tree too I knew - before it fell, recalling how its roots were snaky and caught at our feet. 

I found the drowned quarry blooming with algae like some suspect cauldron, stirred with weeping branches.
Heard the wind above singing in a language I recognised but could not translate.

Rested briefly at my favourite bench, a felled tree this one, left jutting over the river. 

Strolled to where the river has a beach, storm strewn in flat stones; the wind chill too much for an unplanned swim by an un-furred creature. 
At my feet, two heart shaped stones. Puddles have skins of ice. 

But I long for the water.

Walk further, to the mossed stone bank, wind-shielded by valley hills. 

Deep green, deep spongy moss where I slip off each boot, each sock, laugh at the pale glow of this skin. The water is cold, biting cold, the un-mossed rocks too slippery and too sharp - this paddle is done in less than half a minute - I love every second of it. 
Sit on a dry slab, chuckling, dabbing off drips, rolling good socks onto bright feet. 


Ohmigod, I LOVE your writing, girl. It's always evocative. And uniquely you.

Have a super weekend!
Lisa Southard said…
Rather partial to your comments too :-)
Thank you, and happy weekending!
Chicken said…
I love it, too. And the dog.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Chicken, from me and Dog :-)

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