I was driving, at night, down a country road into a lit street; the dashboard lights had broken so I was keen to check fuel levels and such: when I saw the rain, the uncountable droplets, the illusion of steadiness - had I never seen this before? 

It seemed not.
Silver streams hitting tarmac, splintering, glittering.
The light, the liquidity together formed something like a living jewel. 
And this merely part of a cycle, rain, surface water, evaporation, cloud, just how our planet pours with resources.
If you are chasing beauty, I think you will get lost. 
If your wealth can be scraped into a heap, made a throne of, I think you will be alone.
This is my status symbol - me in the rain being amazed - anyone can be here.
We can be amazed together.
All the way home I was driving, rapturous, a little bit cautious with the blanked out dash, in need of nothing. 

In need of nothing, but thinking still – of every sacrifice that it took to build this world in which I drive this car on this road, which deserves the dignity of official days, which we must never forget, and always count blessings, or at least begin to. 
Thinking still – how each life is a liberty to be lost or gained, and there is more to be done till we can stand on our one earth, at peace, truly in awe. We all could have true wealth, true beauty.
Remember, and act in accordance.


Chicken said…
Beautiful thoughts. I've had moments like this, too, when I am in the moment, looking around, and in awe of what I see. Too often we're just going through the motions.
Harry Hamid said…
I need to remember this. I go through periods of time when it seems like there's no point, but that is the point: We're here to be amazed.
Geo. said…
"Remember, and act in accordance." It's not everybody who gets me channeling Hamlet: "I shall in all my best obey you madam." (act 1, scene 2).
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Chicken :-) and yes, we all forget to appreciate at times xx
Lisa Southard said…
100% mindfulness isn't the usual statistic, but as long as we do have and savour these moments, the stats get better :-) Thank you Harry xx
Lisa Southard said…
I do a good bossy, every now and then :-) Your obedience is accepted with humble grace, Sir xx
Your post reminds me of the fortune I got in my cookie at dinner tonight. It said something like, "You have the ability to see the beauty in ordinary things. It is a gift." And it IS a gift... which you obviously have. Seeing and appreciating the things around us with a sense of wonder feeds our contentment.
Lisa Southard said…
That's a good fortune, and a gift I would bestow on everyone. You all ready got it :-)
It's an important holiday. Remember.

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