Whale Visuals

Here are photographs of the revisited former Fin Whale, with apologies to anyone who finds this gruesome. It would be more fabulous to see it live and swimming wild. Grandchild 2, although impressed by the size of bones, mostly found it stinky. 


  1. Interesting remains. I would love to see whales swimming, maybe one day.

  2. Holy cow, that is huge! I can see why little cutie was fascinated with it. I'm surprised the dog left it alone as well as it seems.

    1. Dog had a good roll- my car still holds the odour of whale and wet dog! She was duly hosed and shampooed and hosed some more before being allowed back in the house. I am driving with my windows down!

  3. Replies
    1. We are still mesmerised by the scale- and glad not to have been in the surf the day it came rolling in...


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