A Box Of New Dimensions

All new worlds bring opportunity for bravery. Here I am, typing on a silver sliver in yesterday’s same cramped office so the sensation of standing as though at the opening of a breathtakingly vast airlock to discover a new world is disproportionate, somewhat… Microcosmic, I settle for that explanation. My tiny world navigates and connects with The Future World. There should be no barriers now, all communication should flow, just as soon as I work out which buttons to press. All new worlds also bring burdens of learning which can alter one’s perception of the journey. Overall one must chant something inspirational along the lines of:
This is by choice
This is my journey
This is not actual space travel with limited oxygen
Time is finite for people so get on with it
Cool view
Remember why you started.
Not beautifully phrased but workable. This new machine that I have unpackaged, plugged in, lumped a load of untidy files onto is a continuation of a choice made on how I would spend my time on this planet. It’s not about looking pretty, although it is silver and sleek and coincidentally Girl has revamped my hair this week and the wild strawberries have reflowered. They are wild first, strawberries second: they do not wilt in this early autumn heat nor will they fail in hail.
Empty boxes scatter the office: berry stained tubs line up by the hosepipe: upstairs storage boxes wedge and trip us up. The Chap is leaving home to follow his dreams in four days time. Preparations fluctuate and are frequently interrupted:
Is this worth keeping
I remember

I have no idea
This would be useful for.
Out in the lanes blackberry stems bend with gleaming weights of fruit: autumn starts cute as a vintage tea cup, in spite of the brave new world vacillations. Prettiness, toughness, abundance; we hope The Future World has all of this.


Geo. said…
No worries. Summer ends and we feel the future again.
Lisa Southard said…
I don't have a bucket list Geo but if I did 'visit Geo's garden' would be on it. So if the future blooms lucratively enough for impulsive plane fares expect a guest :-)

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