The Tae Kwon-Do Tales

My other self publishing journey, currently boasting a catalogue of four books, three available from Amazon (Tales From The Tenets Volume 1; Tales From The Tenets Volume 2, the Shakespeare Edition; Kwon And The Four Directional Punch) and one that I have to get out of a box and take to a post office (The Time Travelling Tae Kwon-Do Tour Bus And Other Stories).

I am a 4th degree Black Belt and fully qualified Instructor with the Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain, South West area. I use Korean terminology with a West Country burr, it's a niche skill. 

For more information follow link:

(Website neglected of late - but this enterprise is ongoing!)

Me (2nd from left) celebrating with a small group of students after outdoor training on Dartmoor - 
locked out of sports halls due to global pandemic, being responsibly distanced,
being lashed by rain, being happy :-) 


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